Taking best care of your activewear

Buying activewear is an investment and we want to ensure you get the best life out of all the pieces you purchase from Fearless.  Here are some top tips to longer lasting care of your activewear.

1. Don't delay - try not to leave your sweaty items in your gym bag or laundry basket.  This will cause bad odour and bacteria to build up so wash your gears as soon as you possibly can.

2. Seperate Colours - wash your activewear with similar colours or on their own to prevent colours running.  Turn your garments inside out to protect fabrics and avoid rubbing and abrasion.  For extra protection, use an individual mesh bag to keep everything intact, untangled and to maintain shape.  We especially recommend this for your sports bras.  See our Vixxen wash bags in black and white.

3. Cold wash only - this ensures longevity of your Fearless activewear.  Use a gentle eco-friendly powder or liquid.  Using hot water can damage the fibres of your activewear and cause shrinkage.  Avoid harsh detergents as they can strip the colour and wear down the fabric.

4. Avoid fabric softeners - these degrade the sweat wicking properties.  They also coat the material fibres with a thin film which locks in bacteria and odour.  

5. Hang to dry in the shade inside out without delay.  Do not dry clean or tumble dry as this may cause shrinkage and can damage the individual fibres of your Fearless activewear.   We recommend hanging your activewear away from sunlight to ensure that is does not fade and maintains its original colour.

Laundry is a pain but worth the investment to do it properly and save the life of your garments!!