Compression activewear - what is all the fuss about?

Many of our brands such as L'urv, Pressio and Clique are moving towards leggings which have a compression element to their fabric.  So why choose activewear with a compression component in it.  Here are the fun facts:

1. Wearing compression after exercising may help minimise exercise induced muscle damage

2. Compression garments may also improve recovery by boosting oxygen supply to the muscles

3. Compression garments can aid the removal of lactic acid

4. Compression can improve performance

One of our new brands, Pressio, has some amazing technology in its fabrication and has researched and designed its sportswear in Europe.  Pressio leggings have a graduated profile, specific elevated fabric pressure up the legs at precise mm/hg rating which increases blood flow and pushes deoxygenated blood back up to the heart and lymph nodes to improve overall circulation. These also aid in the removal of lactic acid, increase circulation, promotes reduced swelling, faster muscle repair, and reduced muscle soreness.  The compression legging would also be really beneficial if you are planning a long haul flight anytime soon.

A new addition to the Pressio range is the compression thermal tight which will be great for those winter months, if you are out rowing or kayaking on the lake, out for a run or walk or they would be super under your ski pants for a day on the mountain.

Pressio has also designed a powerful MAPP (Muscle Alignment Power Print) offering unparalleled support. Wrapping around and aligning with key muscle groups (quadriceps and calves) allows for the prevention of overuse injuries, reduced swelling and soreness.  These come in a legging and a calf guard. Check them out online.

Pop instore and see us if you have any questions or give us a call to chat all thing compression!!