Nature and Wellbeing

If you're ever feeling low in your body, mind or soul, one of the easiest and most effective ways to refresh and heal is to spend time in and connect with nature.

Countless studies have found correlations between spending time in nature with lower stress and anxiety, as well as how it promotes better health and aids recovery from illness. 

Here are some ideas to bring more nature into your day:

- try and eat as many meals as you can outside

- take a coffee or tea break taking a stroll around the block

- read a book outside

- go for a daily walk

You don't have to go to a mountain peak or lose yourself in the bush to bring more of the natural world into your life (although if you feel inclined to.

You could put up some pictures of maunga (mountains), whenua (land), moana (oceans) or awa (rivers) that mean something to you around the house.

Or make sure you open some windows and take a moment to feel the rain, wind or sunshine on your skin.

Little moments like that where we stop and connect with the world and our bodies, are so good for times when life is getting busy and things are feeling overwhelming. 

Here in New Zealand we have so many natural wonders that we are able to go and explore and that recharge our batteries while we're out there. It's a good reminder of one of the many reasons to help preserve our natural world - it's our medicine as well as our home. 

So why not get outside, feel the benefits and use that energy to be fearless in whatever you are pursuing next!