Salt and Oil

Salt and Oil Magnesium Salts - SO Uplifting


Feeling fed up and down in the dumps? Do you need a mind and body boost?
Enjoy a 20 minute mood-enhancing Uplifting bath.
SO:Uplifting bath soak contains clary sage and bergamot essential oils to induce feelings of calmness and clarity, fight anxiety and help relieve PMS. We refer to it as our Hormone-helping blend.
Not only does it help hormones, it helps you switch off and relax, and soothes sore, tired muscles.
Even though this bath soak aims to perk up your mood, you can still use it in the evening for pre-bedtime relaxation. A good sleep is bound to cheer you up!
If you don’t like baths, or are on water restrictions, this soak is great to use as a body scrub in the shower, and as a soothing foot soak too. Add a handful to a tub of hot water, stick one of your favourite old comedies on the tele, and soak your cares away.
SO:Uplifting is NZ-made from ethically-sourced ingredients. It’s vegan, cruelty-free, and suitable for all ages.

Ingredients - Natural Epsom Salt, Pure Himalayan Pink Salt, essential oils: Clary Sage* and Bergamot.

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