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Ever Jewellery Empire Gold Signet Ring


Let your hands do the talking and adorn them with our traditional Empire Gold Signet Ring, transforming the modern wardrobe.

Wear it solo or channel an edgier vibe by stacking with our Grandstand Band Ring and Jump Stop Ring.

The gold plated Empire Gold Signet Ring is waterproof, sweat resistant and anti-tarnish.


Stainless Steel. Coating: 14k gold plating. Hypoallergenic. Ideal for sensitive skin.

Two ring sizes available: 8 and 9

Sizing Guide:

The size of our fingers are forEVER changing due to change in temperature, humidity or water retention. 

To test your ring size, we recommend you find a ring of similar band width and ring shape within your jewellery collection and measure the inside diameter of the ring with a ruler.

Following is a ring size guide to help you determine your correct size:

US   UK / AU   Inner diameter (mm)

 7         O              17.3

 8         Q              18.1

 9         R ¾          18.9

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