Well, we have done some research at Fearless to see what is best practice in terms of face masks with our current lockdown in place in New Zealand.

The Aviro face mask is our pick due to its anitviral properties, its comfort and how it fits so well over the nose and under the chin.

Hundreds of face masks filter airborne particles but most aren't designed to target bacteria and viruses. Even when they do filter dangerous germs, the trapped microorganisms are still present on the mask and can remain active for days.

There is a risk that germs can be transferred by breathing and handling the mask or from surface to surface.

AVIRO face masks are different. They are engineered with HeiQ Viroblock, a technology that inhibits the presence and growth of bacteria and viruses on fabric, creating a germ resistant surface.

Standard face masks can be a dangerous surface for viruses and bacteria. When you touch the mask (pick it up, take it off or adjust it on your face) there is a risk of transferring pathogens.

Due to the self sanitizing nature of the anti-bacterial treatment on the fabric, AVIRO face masks need not be washed daily.

We recommend washing after approximately 20 hours of use or if it gets visibly dirty. Wash in gentle wash in laundry bag in 30℃ and below. Light detergent & no fabric softener.