Yellow Willow

Yellow Willow Yoga Mat - Petal


Slipping on your yoga mat in class is super frustrating. We’ve been there! It’s distracting, which means you are focussing on the mat, rather than why you came to the mat in the first place. 

Slipping also impacts your form. You can’t confidently do all your poses or exercises so you can’t take your workout or practice to the next level.

Fear no more – we’ve got your back!

Improve the quality of your workout and find a happier, more balanced you with our eco-luxe no-slip, high-grip yoga mats which perform so well you can forget about them. 

Suitable for all types of yoga and Pilates

High-performance grip to keep your poses solid from your first downward dog.

An eco-rubber underlay that keeps your practice grounded to the earth.

Super absorbent surface

High-density materials that support joint stability

Made from natural rubber + recycled materials

Eco-friendly and sustainable

Biodegradable and recyclable

No harsh chemicals, PVC or latex. 100% non-toxic

Machine washable

3mm thickness

Quality Guarantee

We recommend machine washing towels and yoga mats a couple of times a year to maintain freshness. In between machine washes, just spray with a cleaning solution and wipe down with a cloth or sponge. We recommend a natural cleaner such as a few drops of eucalyptus oil in water. 

Washing instructions: For yoga mats, towels and totes put the item on a gentle cycle on its own with a little bit of washing powder. 

Hang out to dry. Its better for the item and the environment. 

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