Pressio Power Compression Tights - Mid Rise Black


The power tight mid-rise utilising Muscle Alignment Power Print (MAPP) technology is designed to make your workout harder, longer and help you back it up the next day. Our powerful MAPP technology offers unparalleled support through aligning with and locking down key muscle groups for muscle protection, greater power output, less soreness, reduced swelling and faster recovery. Developed with our EcoPower CK, a powerful fabric that features an industry-leading 36-gauge circular knit technology for optimal power, comfort and stretch. It has been constructed with a precise power profile and high filament for enhanced moisture management. It uses a revolutionary no dye technology that allows for 92% fewer chemicals, 46% less water, and 59% less electricity usage while supporting greater product power consistency. Active seams will move with your body and enable restriction-free workouts.

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