Pressio Compression Calf Guards - Black


Utilizing our EcoPower CK Fabric, this provides industry-leading power giving you protection against muscle damage and overuse injuries. Optimal moisture management is achieved through high filament nylon wicking yarn. Our fabric utilizes Eco Dye technology for zero dying to help safeguard our waterways and reduce water and energy consumption in manufacturing. In addition, Active seams for extra strength and Italian Framis bonding for extra comfort. This Equilibrium Calf Guard is the perfect addition for those athletes who need a little more support and power—certified for graduated fit and power utilizing Salzman Compression testing from Switzerland


EcoPower CK fabric has been engineered especially for the demands of high-performance sport with the perfect equilibrium of power, weight and stretch.

Eco Dye Technology Earth-friendly dying that supports greater consistency of power.

High filament nylon yarns for enhanced moisture management, fabric durability and comfort.

LYCRA® elastomeric yarn world-leading power yarn for exceptional fit, support, recovery and multidirectional power.

Exact power profiles are met in key muscle groups to enhance muscle support, for less soreness and muscle protection.

High 36-gauge knit structure for greater power and no sheerness guarantee.

Active seam for greater strength and comfort - 4x stronger than flatlock with more stretch.

Ethical production facility is that SMETA certified manufacturing 70% solar-powered facility.

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