Mondays Gym Towel - Oatmeal


The most functional and innovative gym towel yet!

The Mondays Gym Towel is designed to add class and practicality to your exercise ritual. Featuring zipped pockets to keep your most important items close by, this luxury towel solves some of the biggest problems you have at the gym: mopping up sweat, and keeping your phone handy! 

The pockets are big enough to fit your keys, smartphone, credit cards, and any other bits and pieces you'd rather not leave in the locker. 

Mondays gym towels are made from waffle weaved microfibre.

Microfibre is:

Exceptionally Strong and Durable

Highly Absorbent


Easy to Clean

Length: 62cm (24.4 inches)

Width: 38cm (15 inches)

Mondays gym towels are incredibly durable, so you can pop them in to any regular wash. They won't fade, and they will retain their beautiful appearance even with regular washing. 

Of course, you can hand wash your towel in between uses if you want to use it every day but don't use the washing machine very often. The practical size means you can wash it in the sink, no problem.

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