Dr Libby

Dr Libby Wellness Cards


90 wellness cards designed to educate and inspire.

Using Dr Libby’s three pillar approach of looking at health and wellness, this set of 90 cards contains brand new information designed to educate and inspire you daily.

A beautiful way to learn, these cards help to build your health and wellness knowledge through the nutritional, biochemical and emotional lenses.

Use these cards as an opportunity to pause throughout your day, for some immediate inspiration on the go, or as a guided way of focusing on an aspect of your health.

Each pack contains:


The nutritional cards cover everything from individual nutrients, to advice on how to bring mental flexibility to your choices and some great hacks to transform your nutritional landscape.


The biochemical cards are designed to help you to learn more about how your body functions, as well as specifics such as what’s required to help estrogen exit cells, what your lips can tell you about your health, how to care for your gut, and what happens inside us during an ‘amygdala hijack’.


The emotional cards contain gentle reminders and encouraging ideas and insights to help you live a more fulfilling life—with more resilience, an ability to reframe challenges and an abundance of joyful moments.

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