Clique Gen 111 Compression Tight 7/8 - Black


Introducing the third generation of Clique Compression Tights

Unrivalled Fit

Ultimate support and graduated compression from the ankles up. Gen III compression tights in 7/8 length encompass CLIQUE's renowned supportive high waistband and strategically placed seams to lift, hold and sculpt in all the right places. 

Superior Compression

Flatlock stitched high-grade antibacterial fabric with a high (20%) Spandex content to ensure the perfect fit. Your Gen III Compression Tights in 7/8 length should be difficult to get on, but once on, will feel like a second skin. This compression contributes to a faster post-training recovery and helps to feel comfortable and confident while working out.

Ultra Squat Proof

Our exclusive four-way stretch fabric and specialised cutting technique provide a completely squat proof product. Whether squatting, lunging, or bending over, we've got you covered. 


All Gen III Clique Compression tights are constructed using RECOFLEX™ fabric, which is created using post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Approximately 12.5 plastic bottles are saved from landfill and recycled to create each pair of Gen III Clique Compression tights. You can find more info on

Netted pocket

All CLIQUE Gen III items contain a netted phone pocket (up to 6.5 inches) nestled comfortably inside the back of the waistband. The breathable net fabric allows moisture to be wicked away from the pocket so your phone will be safe and sound during even the most intense adventures. The location of the pocket is designed to be functional without compromising on the aesthetic of the silhouette. 

Please take care with rough surfaces such as concrete as contact may cause pilling. To ensure your tights remain performing at their peak it is best to hand wash inside out with a mild detergent and lie flat in the shade to dry.

Gen III is comprised of 80% recycled polyester / 20% Spandex

 If you prefer to use your Clique tights for activities such as casual wear or yoga, you may prefer to go up a size.

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