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Awesome Inc Mindset Journal - I AM ... Enough


Based on the best psychological research the I Am... Mindset and Gratitude Journal by AwesoME Inc® is bursting with tools and techniques to help you create new habits that will have a powerful effect on your wellbeing.
Ideal for teens and adults (16+)

2 amazing cover designs to choose from:
I AM... ENOUGH - natural linen with rose gold foil detail
I AM... LIMITLESS - black linen with black foil detail
Learn to:

Build a positive mindset
Focus on your strengths
Challenge negative thought patterns
Manage big, uncomfortable feelings
Create healthy habits to feed your mind, body and soul
Set goals for your future
Use positive affirmations to rewire your thoughts
Interrupt your negative bias with gratitude
More room for free journaling, planning and regular brain dumps.
248 pages, fabric hardcover with 2 ribbon markers and lie flat binding.

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